Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tony Moffitt

"Working in acrylics on canvas, Moffitt has won a string of national art prizes, including the Australian Artist Magazine 2006 Challenge for still life painting.
In early 2007 Moffitt broke into the massive American market.
In the following six months he went on to win six consecutive international art prizes in the US, drawing praise from New York art critic, Marnie Chilcott who described him as 'one of the few elite artists in the world today'.
Moffitt's most notable highlight was entering four works in a field of 214 paintings submitted from around the world for the prestigious Californian prize, the 2007 Moreno Valley Art Award.
The jury of judges awarded his works first, second and third prizes and best in show.
Legendary Californian art critic, lecturer, author and President of the San Moreno Art Association, Don Phillips said 'there is no finer artist in the world today'.
In the US Moffitt has been dubbed the Wonder From Down Under.
Moffitt has exhibited in major galleries around Australia and America. His paintings hang in collections in eighteen countries around the world."

In 2009 Moffitt's paintings were exhibited in China through In2Arts International.
Since 2009 Moffitt has focussed all of his attention on developing a reputation for creating highly detailed and realistic paintings depicting the world's tugboats, ships and harbours. He is a member of the International Guild of Realism artists.

The 47 year-old artist lives just two minutes away from the harbour in Newcastle, Australia.