Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steve Langdon

A true Outsider, Steve has started painting eleven years ago and he's a very happy man.

If you're in Adelaide make sure you pay a visit to his studio on Sturt Street in the city (a short walk from the CBD).

Be warned, though, you may end up bying some of his art.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What is an Outsider?

I've been asked to clarify what is an Outsider.
After hosting for quite a while the Outsiders group on Redbubble, all I can say is that an Outsider is a person without prejudice who makes extremely good art.
Check it out for yourselves.

As nowadays people feel left out if they are not being categorised, here is a totally non-exhaustive and un-scientific list of what an Outsider can be:
1. other than professional artist
2. people excluded from visual arts organisations, forums, groups by peers
3. people isolated by the visual arts community
4. people despised by the visual arts community
5. people with no formal training making visual art
6. contestants given little chance of winning an art competition-a long shot
7. people using non-conventional methods or tools to make visual art
8. people not living in Australia and making visual art
9. people taking photographs outdoors
10. people not speaking English making visual art
11. people with disabilities making visual art
12. children making visual art
13. graffiti artists
14. buskers
15. street artists
16. prisoner artists – although they are mostly inside

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mike Retter and Kelseym

We are thrilled to announce the invaluable support of Mike Retter.
While congratulating him, check out his work:

We are also thrilled to announce Kelseym's invaluable support.
Kelseym's work can be admired here:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Update 2 May 2009

It has been about one year now since I began planning for this festival.
I have organised the Outsiders group in Redbubble and the group now has about 300 members.
Until yesterday I had a full time day job and now I have some time to get into action.
The major obstacle I am facing is that in Australia, particularly Adelaide the word Outsider is being seen as very negative.
Organisations that work with people with disabilities in particular are against this term.
I have tried to change it to Visionary, but Redbubble have refused to do the change.
The good news is that Overseas the term is widely accepted, therefore the majority of members in Redbubble are from America.
Interesting also is that the term is nowadays very broad- it includes plein-air painters (outside!) photographers, people with no formal training, unemployed, etc.
We have a committee that is involved in organising the festival and we are in the process of finalising the venues and the program.
We are continually looking for new participants and sponsors.

Stefan Maguran

The official logo

If you wish to take part, please register through the Outsiders group at http://www.redbubble.com/