Sunday, December 20, 2009

Season Greetings and thanks so much

I wish all of you all the best and a safe and prosperous 2010.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My sincere gratitude

My sincere gratitude to all involved in the Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2009
Apologies if I forget someone. My gratitude is still the same.
Miron Abramovici
Betty Anderson
The Crew from Australian Art Forum
Cameron Bache and the Crew form CAN SA
Mike Barr
Alex Bickford
Brad Buchel and the Crew form Art Forum Australia
Nicolle Cheung
Joanne Chua
N'Tarleeah Cleaver
Paul Collier and the Crew from Arts Access SA
Julie Corfe and the Crew
Ella Dent
Renee Doveal
Matthew Dowling
Glenn Drewitt
Bert Eitel
The Friendly Street Poets
Emma Fry and the Crew from The Parks
Space G
Dianne Gall
Grant Gittus
Jessica Gray
Mike Greenwood
Peter Grigoriadis and Muscular Teeth
Helene Henderson
Paul Hoban
Noel Hobbs
Mel Kelly and Recyclopath
Ava Leitner
Tanara Lindsay
Sarah McCarthy and her Crew
Michelle Mitolo and the Crew form the West Torrens Auditorium
Dana Nance
Graham Nance
Renate Nisi and the Crew form Club 68
Steve Oatway
Naomi O'Connor
Wendy Olsen
Beth Ory
Rose Parker
Gillian Pead
Francis Phelan
Peter Jungle Phillips
George Pivas
Angela Polglaze
Max Powers
Mike Retter
Mark Roberts
Brandon Ross and Lord Masque
Olga Sankey
Julie Stephens
Jim Thalassoudis
Elva Turner-Lindsay
Clifford Williams
Kerry Williams
Kimberly Williams
Leon Woods
Kirk Wright

SAFM, Raw Vision, Redbubble, Channel 31 Adelaide, The Messenger Newspapers, Adelaide Now, Triple M Adelaide,, NAVA, The Tutti ensemble, Google, The ABC,,

and all my family and friends for their unbelievable patience, love and support.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Echoes to the Outsiders Festival

One or two extremely versatile. Good to see a mixed selection. Thank you.

Great local talent - enjoyed the diverse works on show. Good luck with this idea and project.

Some interesting and inventive work.

Hi Stefan - quite a show! It was so good to see so much energy of creativity.

Some extraordinary works!

Ella Dent - some of the finest art which I had ever seen.

Absolutely wonderful art. Congratulations everyone!

Such thought and depth - absolutely beautiful.

I love Julie Stephen's bird paintings and witty titles.

Some very original works.

Help me God I'm drowning - so lovely - keep ya head up.

The art standard is hi.

Pivas - J. Stephens, what a future, WOW. Thank you for cheering up an old man.

Stefan, my sincere gratitude back, you have helped so many humble souls to display and enjoy each others art in a way that was not possible before. You did it solely from the goodness of your heart. That is why the Outsiders Festival in Adelaide was not only a success, but also a way for many to believe in their own art as relevant parts of their own creativity, for you shone that light by believing in their talents and befriending then as your peers. This is the true definition of community. I am so humbled and grateful to be part of this special group of individuals. Together, silently and non-physically we are evolving and we are quietly making a difference . With much love and thanks.

Leon Woods

Although I could not go to Stefan's Festival, I would just like to congratulate him on the magnificent job he has done. I would like to thank him very much for letting me take part in his festival and from what I hear it was a outstanding success. Proved all his critics wrong , and I will certainly be looking forward to next year. Thank you Stefan.

Julie Stephens

Well it was a really cool event Stefan so thank you!

Mike Retter