Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diane Clement

Though Diane has been drawing since she can remember, when she was 14 yrs. old she threw paint (for the 1st time) on her basement walls. This act was not fully appreciated by her parents, so Diane continued to practice drawing realistic pieces and took art in middle school and high school, and even though the teachers were cool, the work was boring.

Life went on and Diane started a graphic arts/signage company, did a brief apprenticeship, learned to paint signs, learned to set type and with her natural design ability, worked that business for 15 years.

Diane retired that company to care for family, but after that 50th birthday in 2002, she took a window of opportunity to start painting, maybe as a career. Being self-taught, she did what she thought artists do, she painted, much like a maniac. She produced work so quickly and so prolifically that she had to get the masses of art out of her home in order to make room for the family! She rented a studio at a popular art center and the rest is history.

The rest, she blames on serendipity. People started buying and collecting her work immediately. Diane has participated in over 70 art shows; 30 juried and over 40 as the featured or solo artist. She considers herself lucky to have crossed that boundary from Outside to galleries. Her success has opened the door to being featured in articles in area newspapers and magazines in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Diane was invited to be a member of Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association and was invited to join a volunteer committee for Culture Works, Richmond’s new Art Council and hopes to be a voice for “Outsider Artists”. I hope to use my “success in galleries, and my experience to help bring more Outsider Artists to public view before they die or explode.

Art is about the process; from the first vision to my most recent experiments with painting with fire. I suppose that’s the unique beauty of an Outsider Artist…no boundaries! Incorporating materials and ideas that maybe are not, that happen to be around at that particular time and space, and no fear of using them, of putting them together during the process of creating that particular piece. It’s all fun, it’s all educational, it’s all beautiful. Abstract art gives you even more latitude for experimenting because you are not confined to an “expected” image.

Diane donates art to non-profit organizations; the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, schools, and assorted fund raising events for the Cure of Cancer and Cancer Research, etc. She has worked with Boy Scouts and with wheelchair bound people.

There is a web site in place, but a new web site is being developed as we speak. Thank you for this opportunity. Greetings to all; be well and do your best everyday. . . even if you don’t think it is your best. . . it might be, that day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


..What everybody who has ability to think seems to be doing, is co-relating what they think they know with what are they not sure they can know?........ As we are facing 'issues' immense.... We must certain we know to speak with clarity, but what we seem to forget is that the largest issue is our unification as a humanity in living truth,...... which can only came from us all through a true vision of what we want for us all.....hold no denial..... Compassion, lovingness, Forgiveness must be embraced if we are to glimpse a portion of Wholeness. In this mighty tasks for Wholeness, as we beg to differ even within our self and our conditioned motivations, we need greater awareness......we must speak with one another, for what we really want for ourselves and our live must in truth encompasses everything, there is no such thing as independence..and this a denial of our humanness...this is what is meant by “Visionary’ and each of us holds a part. Be free to bring it forward…there is only one life we know for certain and we are living with it

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barbara Cannon

I live between the Clare and Barossa Valleys in South Australia.
I have been artistic all my life, but I have only been painting canvas's for the past 2 years.
Painting gives me great joy from the start to the completion of a new painting.
I love to learn and grow as a visual artist, and I look forward to where painting may take me.