Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glenn Drewitt

Glenn Drewitt is an untrained artist. He has been making paintings since he was a child. Glenn enjoyed doing cartoons at school, on paper with a pen or pencil. He didn’t really get stuck into painting until about four years ago when he had the opportunity to get some paint and canvas and paint brushes.

Glenn mostly works from home and usually doesn’t spend too much time on the paintings. Recently he and two other artists held an exhibition Contrasting Colours at Axis Gallery, Parks Community Centre.

Glenn particularly likes doing portraits of famous personalities. He generally works with oil and acrylic on canvas, though he has also used other mediums including oil pastels, charcoal and pencil.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mike Retter

"I paint about television. This became my subject naturally. Television has a power over a space and demands out attention. It lights up a dark room with flickering light. We learn more from the television than school. Technology is changing and combining with one another into something new. We are surrounded like never before.

Basically I paint about the medium of TV and use all kinds of techniques and take a year to finish a painting. I like the pictures to soak up a year of my life. It's not a consious thing it is just how it happens."

Mike Retter

In 2008 Mike Retter has exhibited at the ABC for six months.
Mike is one of the strongest supporters of the Outsiders Festival.
You can see more of his very intriguing work on Youtube.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ella Dent

"I have always created art. I began, as most do, with coloured pencil as a child. This progressed to pastel drawings and small, but incredibly detailed illuminated lettering combined with calligraphic verse as a teenager. My early twenties heralded my first real foray into painting, which brought with it an outpouring of emotion: sweeping brushstrokes, textural depths, canvases to sink into.
Now? I don’t paint as much as I should, but have just started a work that takes me back to my roots. Coloured pencil on paper – with text. Love it!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah McCarthy

Not quite an outsider, Sarah is part of the group that is organising the Outsiders Festival 2009. She co-hosts the Outsiders group on Redbubble.
She is an inspired artist, a great organiser and a strong fighter for human and animal rights.
Recently she has organised the FIRE LAND PICTURE STORIES charity exhibition and silent auction for the 2009 RSPCA Bushfire Appeal where students at Warriappendi High School have been creating paintings expressing empathy for the animals affected by the bush fires that swept through Victoria in January. The works have been successfully auctioned. It has been a great event and another great achievement for Sarah.