Friday, September 24, 2010

The Outsiders Festival is dead

The Outsiders Festival 2010

Many thanks to all artists that took part in the Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2010 (in random order):

Barbara Cannon
Skye Bartlett
Miron Abramovici
Mark Roberts
Mike Greenwood
Mike Retter
Joanne Chua
Steve Oatway
Jungle Phillips
Julie Stephens
Bruce Miller
Leon Woods
Julia Sisi
Dan Casado
Claudio Braier
Elva Maude Turner Lindsay
Krystal Marks
Melanie Papertalk
Jamie Leffers
Craig Pinkie
Clifford Williams
Rowena Pinkie
Marley McHughes
Joseph Sansbury
N'Tarleah Cleaver
Kirk Wright
Ben Retter
Pearl Rodgers
Donovan Christie
Dana Nance
Tracy Hansell
George Pivas
Frédérique Albou
John Douglas
Jade Zivanovic
Destry Sparks
Space G

The third edition of the Outsiders Festival is planed for November 2011
Registrations now open.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The opening of the Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2010

The Outsiders Festival is a celebration of
"works produced by people who for various reasons have not been culturally indocrinated or socially conditioned"...
"Working outside fine art "system" (schools, galleries, museums and so on), these people have produced, from the depths of their own personalities ... works of outstanding originality in concept, subject and techniques.
They are works which owe nothing to tradition or fashion."
Michel Thevoz, Curator of the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne

The 2010 edition of the Outsiders Festival, hosted by the West Torrens Auditorium is a collection of 110 works of 21st Century Outsider Art from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Canada, The United States and Argentina.
The 21st Century Outsider Art has been better described as Neo-Outsider Art by Dr. Melissa Westbrook:
"Neo-Outsiders have emerged from the same melting pot as Art Brut, Outsider, Visionary and Folk Artists. They are largely self-taught and their work exhibits many of the stylistic features of more traditional Outsiders. Like Jean Dubuffet, they are critical of the establishment and the pitfalls of the Insider commercial gallery system. This, however, is where the similarities between Neo-Outsiders and Outsiders end. Excluded by Outsider purists for incorporating cultural references in their work and utilising social media to communicate and exchange ideas/images, Neo-Outsiders find themselves isolated from their predecessors. Nor are they welcomed into the coveted world of Insider art as Neo-Outsider art does not readily comply with current aesthetics or conceptual theories.
Neo-Outsiders have a unique and individual voice because they:

define themselves as Outsiders. Unlike traditional Outsider artists they are not “discovered” by a cultural elite and operate beyond the Insider/Outsider dichotomy.
actively incorporate cultural, literary and philosophical discourse into their works.
often bypass the traditional commercial gallery system by selling their own works and organising their own exhibitions online.
seek to exchange ideas and thoughts with other artists all over the globe via social media. Neo-Outsiders believe that great art is not brought about through isolation but is a fusion of personal thoughts/images and external influence. They also recognise the difficulty of achieving complete isolation in today’s image-centric, postmodern world."
Dr Melissa Westbrook - Oxford -

The festival closes - 26 September 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2010 promo - thanks to Mike Retter

The Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2010
29 August - 26 September
The West Torrens Auditorium
1, Brooker Terrace, Hilton, 5033

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tracey Hansell

Growing up in the Blue Mountains I have always been surrounded by beautiful works of art, so its no wonder that I live and breath art, now living in Adelaide I am never to far from an artistic indulgence. I have tried my hand at just about everything, however I am now finding that I am settling into Photography and Charcoals. Ive not had an formal training in these mediums, as I find the best way to explore your art is to discover the possibilities of your medium without knowing the restrictions. I am however currently studying a BA in Art History and Visual Arts, as my dream is to one day run my own gallery where artists who wouldn't normally have a chance to show will be able to.
My works are very autobiographical, my photos are taken close to home, or as part of a journey of discovery, they always have a personal story to them, however there meanings are never restricted as i like to hear what the end viewer draws from my work. My Charcoals are interment, I love the physical aspect of this medium and how you can be so involved in them not only in the mental development and execution but you can become physically involved with them as well.. and they make a delightful mess :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donovan Christie

My name is Donovan Christie, I am reasonably new to the art world and I am striving to be a big part of it. In the past one to two years I have taken the time to commit myself to painting and making a living out of my art. Recently, I put on my first major exhibition through the Fringe and entered the Flagstaff Rotary Club Art Exhibition and received the Highly Commended award, this was a proud moment for me. I possess a very broad understanding and appreciation towards a diverse range of art, as you can tell in my own range of work.

My preferred medium is acrylic paints on canvas. My body of work generally consists of photographic realism pieces; whether they are portraits, streetscapes or traditional landscapes. I so frequently find myself standing still and appreciating things that people take for granted in life. This outlook makes me an avid admirer of people, architecture and urban landscapes in particular.

His work shows huge potential and maturity – with an understanding of abstract, colour and subject matter, putting me in mind of Jeffery Smart. - Penny Dowie (Judge, Flagstaff Hill Art Exhibition 2010)

My home town of Adelaide gives me my inspiration, taking suburban and rural photographs; this might be anything that appeals to me such as a bus stop, an alleyway or even a set of powerlines. I then collate a number of angles of the one subject and configure, crop and edit these images and sketch out a final draft. I then sketch and paint this to canvas as I believe a painting conveys more feeling and sentiment rather than a photograph.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elva Lindsay

My name is Elva Lindsay and I am a Ngarrindjeri person. I make paintings that are highly detailed and usually incorporate animals. I am a year 12 student at Warriappendi School. I love art as it helps me express myself and I love making beautiful things.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diane Clement

Though Diane has been drawing since she can remember, when she was 14 yrs. old she threw paint (for the 1st time) on her basement walls. This act was not fully appreciated by her parents, so Diane continued to practice drawing realistic pieces and took art in middle school and high school, and even though the teachers were cool, the work was boring.

Life went on and Diane started a graphic arts/signage company, did a brief apprenticeship, learned to paint signs, learned to set type and with her natural design ability, worked that business for 15 years.

Diane retired that company to care for family, but after that 50th birthday in 2002, she took a window of opportunity to start painting, maybe as a career. Being self-taught, she did what she thought artists do, she painted, much like a maniac. She produced work so quickly and so prolifically that she had to get the masses of art out of her home in order to make room for the family! She rented a studio at a popular art center and the rest is history.

The rest, she blames on serendipity. People started buying and collecting her work immediately. Diane has participated in over 70 art shows; 30 juried and over 40 as the featured or solo artist. She considers herself lucky to have crossed that boundary from Outside to galleries. Her success has opened the door to being featured in articles in area newspapers and magazines in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Diane was invited to be a member of Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association and was invited to join a volunteer committee for Culture Works, Richmond’s new Art Council and hopes to be a voice for “Outsider Artists”. I hope to use my “success in galleries, and my experience to help bring more Outsider Artists to public view before they die or explode.

Art is about the process; from the first vision to my most recent experiments with painting with fire. I suppose that’s the unique beauty of an Outsider Artist…no boundaries! Incorporating materials and ideas that maybe are not, that happen to be around at that particular time and space, and no fear of using them, of putting them together during the process of creating that particular piece. It’s all fun, it’s all educational, it’s all beautiful. Abstract art gives you even more latitude for experimenting because you are not confined to an “expected” image.

Diane donates art to non-profit organizations; the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, schools, and assorted fund raising events for the Cure of Cancer and Cancer Research, etc. She has worked with Boy Scouts and with wheelchair bound people.

There is a web site in place, but a new web site is being developed as we speak. Thank you for this opportunity. Greetings to all; be well and do your best everyday. . . even if you don’t think it is your best. . . it might be, that day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


..What everybody who has ability to think seems to be doing, is co-relating what they think they know with what are they not sure they can know?........ As we are facing 'issues' immense.... We must certain we know to speak with clarity, but what we seem to forget is that the largest issue is our unification as a humanity in living truth,...... which can only came from us all through a true vision of what we want for us all.....hold no denial..... Compassion, lovingness, Forgiveness must be embraced if we are to glimpse a portion of Wholeness. In this mighty tasks for Wholeness, as we beg to differ even within our self and our conditioned motivations, we need greater awareness......we must speak with one another, for what we really want for ourselves and our live must in truth encompasses everything, there is no such thing as independence..and this a denial of our humanness...this is what is meant by “Visionary’ and each of us holds a part. Be free to bring it forward…there is only one life we know for certain and we are living with it

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barbara Cannon

I live between the Clare and Barossa Valleys in South Australia.
I have been artistic all my life, but I have only been painting canvas's for the past 2 years.
Painting gives me great joy from the start to the completion of a new painting.
I love to learn and grow as a visual artist, and I look forward to where painting may take me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bruce Miller - Canada

What to shoot? I look for lines and textures or let the city show me. This helps keep it fun. Fractured treasures are all interesting. I do crop and play with pleasing oddities, contrast, etc - but no Photoshop. Impulsive! Reflect instinct, through glass and attractive textures. I like how the surfaces of glass and water create found filters. Things partially seen, partially hidden, partially reflected and somewhat distorted are fresh and fun for fractured bits. When I go out to shoot there’s rarely a plan. I just wonder about the city looking for things that catch my eye.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kirk Wright - Interconnected

My name is Kirk. I am 16 years old. I am from the Nuynga people of Western Australia. I like to make beats and raps . I like to paint using dots and symbols and colours to represent different things. My painting talks about coming together and I have used spirals to represent this. I think art is important because it brings you a future. Thank you for exhibiting my art in the festival.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Steve Oatway Outsider JUNK ARTIST from South Australia, Australia

Above piece is the Junk Time Machine all made from found objects recycled and re-incarnated into an art work that actually works.

The Time Machine is an Incredible Machine, built in 2002 to change a few things I had done wrong in my past that NO Therapist/Shrink could fix. You can ride into the future and back to the future. Come for an amazing ride at the speed of sound - you will be astounded hold on tight it's going to be a Wild Wild Ride.

Hit below link to see some of my fellow time travellers and where the journey took them.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Ride at your own risk, I am not responsible for the outcome)

1 Get on board

2 Put helmet and seat belt on

3 Set time clock to year and time

4 Set controls, speed pressure and co-ordinates

5 Put special goggles on

6 Turn the key, put hands on steering wheel, let the flux capacitator build up

7 Close eyes

8 Take your mind back or forward to the event/year/time. See it, feel it, live it and change it.

9 Once you have felt and seen the change in your mind, come back to the present. You will feel possibly exhausted, shaky, sweaty, short of breath, crying, happy but most of all exhilerated.

10 Sit for awhile until you are ready to get off. Reset the clock to present time and year. Your new journey has begun.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cathie Phoeda

I am an abstract artist living in Far North Queensland.
In my paintings I use Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism in an attempt to create compositions which prompt the viewers' imagination beyond the material world to other dimensions of reality.
My series of paintings "beyond" are about transcendance. Using the motifs of the horizontal line, (which evokes horizons, new beginnings, expansion and hope) and the floating rectangle (as portal to an unseen world), these works are like Zen poems pointing to something beyond language to the sublime.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Helen Power

I have always been interested in art and all things creative, and in the last couple of years have begun to express myself again with abstract art images.

I love bold colours and paintings that shout at you!

I have exhibited in various Rotary Art exhibitions in the last two years, and this year presented a very successful Adelaide Fringe Art Exhibition, featuring 14 different artists of various styles and experience.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Julia Sisi - Spain


Born 1957 in South America, home/studio in the island of El Hierro, in Canary Islands, Spain

April 2010 - SINGULART ll, El Hierro, Canary Islands, SPAIN
Aug 2010 – Festival International d’Art Singulier, Aubagne, France
Set 2010 - OUTSIDERS Festival, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
Oct 2010 - DARE TO WEAR, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK
Jun-July 09 - SINGULART, El Hierro, Canary Islands, SPAIN
Jul-Aug 09 - UNFILTERED IV, DIP Gallery, Detroit, MI, USA
Set 09 - Five WildWomen and a Wildman, Chicchi's Art Lounge, London, UK
Nov 09 - MAXWELL's Art and Treasures, Garden City, MI, USA
March 2008 - RAW ARTS FESTIVAL, Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
July 2008 - BANN'ART Festival d'Art Singulier, Banne, FRANCE
Aug 15-16, 2008 - ATLANTA SLOTIN FOLK FEST, Norcross, GA, USA
Aug 2008 - Festival d'Art Singulier, Aubagne, FRANCE . Curator Danielle Jacqui
Nov 2008 - WOW! Wild Old Women, Novas Gallery, London, UK
Nov 2008 - Group Show, Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dan Casado - Spain


b. 1956

I live in the small volcanic island of El Hierro, in Canary Islands, Spain


2010 - SHOWS

Feb 2010 - FRIDA-VINCENT, Roquevaire, FRANCE. Curator Danielle Jacqui

April 2010 - SINGULART ll, El Hierro, Canary Islands, SPAIN

Set 2010 - OUTSIDERS Festival, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA


Jun-Jul 09 - SINGULART, Frontera, El Hierro, Canary Islands, SPAIN

May-Oct 09 - LIGHT of GOD, Emerald Gallery, Fairfield, IA, USA

Jul-Aug 09 - UNFILTERED IV, DIP Gallery, Detroit, MI, USA

Nov 09 - Maxwell's Art and Treasures, Garden City, MI, USA


July 16-20, 2008 - BANN'ART Festival d'Art Singulier, Banne, FRANCE

August 2008 - ATLANTA Slotin Folk Fest, Norcross, GA, USA

July-Aug 2008 - UNFILTERED III, Octane Gallery, Ferndale, MI, USA


Jan 07 - Raw Arts Festival 2007, CVB Gallery, New York, USA

August 2007 - ATLANTA FOLK FEST - Norcross, GA, USA

November 17-18, 2007 - OTHERS Art Show, Pier 92, New York, USA

December 1-2, 2007 - GOOD FOLK FEST, Louisville, KY, USA

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ben Wanganeen

I would like to introduce Ben Wanganeen - a year 12 creative arts student from The Warriapendi School.
Ben is currently collating the material for the catalogue for the Outsiders Festival 2010.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jamahl Pollard - Australia

Art became apparent as a necessity in my life as I found the many frustrations and challenges of living with vision loss. Art became my only means of income as my education was not successful in gaining sustainable employment, as employers often would only focus on what I can't do instead of what I can. So in a way art became my therapy containing a message "Focus on what us disabled
can do instead of what we can't do. Even though I am inspired by a wide range of styles and subject matter I constantly draw upon my life's experience as a person with vision loss. The events and encounters that trigger all kinds of conscious and unconscious responses, fuel the creative spirit.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Betty Anderson

1936 Born: Balaklava SA

1963 Whilst living on a remote Aboriginal Settlement in the 60’s commenced painting in oils A number of moves and work commitments meant that she only painted spasmodically, all without tuition.

1975-79 After Cyclone Tracey, commenced sculpturing in stone – talc, pyrophyllite and other stone – and eventually doing commission work in jade.

2008 Seriously resumed my art interest.


1976 Shoalhaven Art Exhibition – 2nd Prize, painting

2002? Rotary Art Exhibition – Blackwood - sculpture

2008 Rotary Art Exhibition – Blackwood - painting
Stirling Organic Market Café

2009 Rotary Art Exhibition – Blackwood
Rotary Art Exhibition – Aberfoyle Park
Coastlands Christian Centre
Stirling Fine Arts Exhibition
Outsiders Exhibition

2010 Gallery M

Veritas Winery, Barossa Valley

My painting is realistic and detailed. I love the play of light with its shadows and reflections and graduation of colour on objects, thus I prefer painting flowers, birds and portraits rather than landscapes. The flowers I paint are taken in their natural settings, portraying nature as it is and not contrived.

My sculpture reflects my preference for people, although I tend toward abstract in my larger pieces.

Phone: 08 8370 3191 (H); 0404 863 633 (M)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been creating works of art my whole life, I think as soon as I popped out of the womb I reached for a pencil! These days though I make most of my art while in bed, i've found it's the place I get the most inspired as well as being a 'safe place'.
Art educational institutions (with the emphasis on institutions) generally encourage and reward blandness and are terribly frightened of anything that is 'real' and at all confronting.
That is why them and I don't seem to get along.
When I'm producing art, especially something that really thrills me, its a rush, orgasmic, coming from the gut, unlike anything else.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Outsiders on Sturt Street - Opening Speech

Good afternoon everybody, and thanks for being here.
Before we start, I wish to acknowledge that we are meeting on the traditional country of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains.

We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.
I also wish to acknowledge the presence of the Minister for Education, the Honourable Jane Lomax - Smith.

The Outsiders Festival is an annual event organised by Stefan Maguran, an unemployed artist and Project Manager.
It is entirely sponsored by the Maguran family budget based on his extremely patient, caring and understanding wife’s salary, the very competitive entry fee of AU$ 20 for 3 artworks and only 10% of potential sales and relies on the kindness of people like you.
Apart from purchasing art in the exhibition today, You can also help by donating artworks or money.
The first international Outsiders Festival, held in November 2009 at the West Torrens Auditorium and the Parks Centre was a successful experiment, as almost all participants have met first online, and only very close to the festival in real life.
From this, a group of people supporting each other, called the Outsiders has emerged. Still most of the interaction is happening online and the group has now more than 800 members worldwide.
The Outsiders on Sturt Street is a small contribution of this group the the artistic fabric of the Festival State and we are grateful to the Adelaide South West Community Centre for their invitation for us to exhibit during the Adelaide and Fringe Festivals, the Clipsal 500 and the State elections.
I thank you all on behalf of the group for being here and I am sure you will agree with me that there are plenty of interesting artworks to admire and to take home.
The show presents a variety of styles from a variety of artists, all inspired and passionate about their work:
Miron Abramovici - USA
Betty Anderson - Adelaide
Claudio Braier - Argentina
Joanne Chua - Adelaide
Mike Greenwood - New Zealand
Stefan Maguran - Adelaide
Dana Nance - Adelaide
Frank Phelan - Adelaide
Peter Jungle Philips - Adelaide
Geoge Pivas - Adelaide
Angela Polglaze - Melbourne
Jamahl Pollard - Riverland
Mike Retter - Adelaide
Mark Roberts - Adelaide
Julie Stephens - Victoria
Leon Woods - Adelaide
I declare this exhibition now open - I welcome you all - enjoy.


All the Outsiders artists
My family and my friends
Judith and Jane
Joanne Chua and Leon Woods
Sorin Buzila

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Claudio Braier - Argentina













Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Destry Sparks - USA

Contemporary mixed media painter Destry Sparks was raised in the rural fishing village of Sea Level, North Carolina in the United States. As an adventurous boy he spent a lot of time in the forest and along the shore searching for interesting things. Other major influences in his early life were the work of his great grandfather Irving Fulcher, a notable decoy carver and fantastic imagery from Silver Surfer comic books.

As a practicing artist today showing his work around the States he cites diverse sources from traditional African and Aboriginal craftsmen to contemporary masters Anselm Kiefer and Gregory Amenoff. Refusing to be categorized within a single style or movement, he identifes with outsiders and Jean DuBuffett as much with any single genre.

Sparks attaches worn found objects, both natural and manufactured, to burlap. He then carefully applies acrylic paint to the fabric around the objects to create a particulary visceral effect upon the surface atypical of traditional painting. There is no attempt to fool the eye. Instead the viewer is invited into a tangible sort of painting where little discarded things from the world are placed in a new context. He asks us to consider that there really are no worthless things; everything has a place and a purpose in the world.

He enjoys working with other innovative artists to organize group shows. By bringing their work to new markets he strives to create new patrons for the artists to advance their careers. For more information about the Sparks Art Projects exhibitions and his own painting, visit

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Frédérique Albou - France

Frédérique Albou paints with acrylic or gouache, on small and medium sizes, and draws especially by using Indian ink, using the point to point technique. She follows the principle that a line is a succession of points. Point in the line.

It can take her a lot of time to fill a page, but she makes it in a state of serene "meditation" and finds her internal resource there.

Her privileged themes of inspiration are Africa, waves, trees, and peacocks... but she leaves generally her imagination run free: the architecture of a city, for example, can give her ideas of varied handwrittings. She has no preliminary motionless direction and she likes saying that the blank page is " her space of freedom ".

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jade Henderson - Australia

In my art I want to depict stories, to have drama and to inspire the viewers own imagination so that they can dream of their own stories.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

John Douglas

Australian artist John Douglas has received acclaim and caused controversy at home and internationally. His expulsion from Queensland College of Art confirmed his “disruptive and disturbing influence” and initiated a flourish in his artistic career. A seven-time solo exhibitor for Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, John has also exhibited solo and in group shows and film festivals throughout Australia, and had one-man exhibits in Paris, Bangkok, Istanbul, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau and Fort Lauderdale.

John has been a teaching consultant in art therapy at Glenside Psychiatric Hospital in Adelaide and conducts self-expression art workshops. In 2004, he served as Artist in Residence at the famed Lockhart River Aboriginal Community.

With a strong belief in art as therapy and art being primarily about personal expression and growth, John undertook a visit to the Collection de L'Art Brut in Lausanne, Switzerland, and moderates the Raw Art group on art website redbubble. He occasionally teaches art self-expression workshops for specialty groups.

A 2009 US tour brought his work to venues across the country, including Atlanta’s Museum of Design; MOCA Washington; Laconia Gallery, Boston; Chicago Art Source Gallery, Chicago; and LA Center For Digital Art.

Currently he is working on several film/music projects.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2010 - dedicated to Bernard Lacoque

Tomorrow marks on month since Bernard Lacoque, probably the most prolific artist in the Outsiders group on Redbubble has left us.
To honour his life and art, The Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2010 will be dedicated to Bernard.
Last year, he wrote:
"I feel very much honoured by your proposition …The idea is great and it would have been a great plaisure to take part to the festival but actually I am fighting against cancer, I am really exhausted and I fear I have not any strenght left.I will have a look at the block and at your galery, but really I fear that my strenght fails. Thank you again. Bernard."
He was 47
Rest in Peace, Bernard

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Registrations open for the Outsiders Festival - Adelaide 2010

The official logo of the Outsiders Festival - Adelaide - September 2010

Registrations for the festival:

AU$ 20 for three pieces – max 100 x 100 x 5 cm (originals or prints),
and/or AU$ 5 for three pieces to be projected on a screen during the festival.

Please advise on sell prices and remember that we charge 10% commission and works that are not retrieved by mid October 2010 can be left in consignment with the Stefan Maguran gallery, until sold. (same commission applies).

If you wish your profile to be featured on the Outsiders festival blog, please send Stefan Maguran a one page profile and one small picture of one of your best pieces.

Any questions, please contact Stefan Maguran at