Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bruce Miller - Canada

What to shoot? I look for lines and textures or let the city show me. This helps keep it fun. Fractured treasures are all interesting. I do crop and play with pleasing oddities, contrast, etc - but no Photoshop. Impulsive! Reflect instinct, through glass and attractive textures. I like how the surfaces of glass and water create found filters. Things partially seen, partially hidden, partially reflected and somewhat distorted are fresh and fun for fractured bits. When I go out to shoot there’s rarely a plan. I just wonder about the city looking for things that catch my eye.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kirk Wright - Interconnected

My name is Kirk. I am 16 years old. I am from the Nuynga people of Western Australia. I like to make beats and raps . I like to paint using dots and symbols and colours to represent different things. My painting talks about coming together and I have used spirals to represent this. I think art is important because it brings you a future. Thank you for exhibiting my art in the festival.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Steve Oatway Outsider JUNK ARTIST from South Australia, Australia

Above piece is the Junk Time Machine all made from found objects recycled and re-incarnated into an art work that actually works.

The Time Machine is an Incredible Machine, built in 2002 to change a few things I had done wrong in my past that NO Therapist/Shrink could fix. You can ride into the future and back to the future. Come for an amazing ride at the speed of sound - you will be astounded hold on tight it's going to be a Wild Wild Ride.

Hit below link to see some of my fellow time travellers and where the journey took them.


OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Ride at your own risk, I am not responsible for the outcome)

1 Get on board

2 Put helmet and seat belt on

3 Set time clock to year and time

4 Set controls, speed pressure and co-ordinates

5 Put special goggles on

6 Turn the key, put hands on steering wheel, let the flux capacitator build up

7 Close eyes

8 Take your mind back or forward to the event/year/time. See it, feel it, live it and change it.

9 Once you have felt and seen the change in your mind, come back to the present. You will feel possibly exhausted, shaky, sweaty, short of breath, crying, happy but most of all exhilerated.

10 Sit for awhile until you are ready to get off. Reset the clock to present time and year. Your new journey has begun.