Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jeanette Nash

Earth Energy

InFiNiTy ArT wOrX By Jeanette

Not too many years ago, a friend showed me the beauty and magic of Art in the form of what is known as Mandalas.

It took me some time to trust myself, having been told in school that I couldn’t paint. In more recent years people are realising it didn’t matter if you could or not paint – look at Pro Hart, there was always someone out there, even if it was myself that appreciated the painting .

Brush to Canvas and off I went experimenting between structured forms like Mandalas to Free Form, allowing the joy of expression to flow bringing balance and a sense of well being into my life.

The Beauty of Art is in the Eyes of the Beholder and we each behold some-thing different.

We all can draw, paint, sculpt etc if we allow ourselves to sit back and let the creativity flow

I have facilitated my own Art workshops for children and adults over recent years along with co-facilitating larger programs with my friend Sharon, with whom I will be facilitating with in Feb 2012.

All paintings are done on Canvas using Acrylic Paints with occasional mix of Embossing Powders, Pens etc to enhance the painting.

Your appreciation of my ‘Works of Art’ is appreciated. For more details contact: Jeanette Nash 0411 034 177

E: infinityartworx& Facebook: Centreofinfinity

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tim Cannell


Tim uses intricate grid structures with overlays of colour. He builds up his surfaces many times until he is satisfied, producing complex and glowing images.
Tim is a non verbal artist who spends most of his time painting, drawing and structuring his surroundings.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sharon Morgan


I have always had a fascination with Mandalas, drawing and colouring them from a young age.
Currently, I use canvas with acrylics, embossing powders and a variety of textures, including some ‘jewelled’ pieces. I also love to work with watercolour paper, watercolour markers/pencils...
All of my work is original, free-hand and intuited. Most of my designs are Mandalas, however sometimes I get busy with it and move outside the circle into a world unknown...
All my pieces are designed to speak to the inner self for perspective, intuition & healing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

William Gregory

The choc river birth of Eileen

I like to draw, made up girls who are naked and in water. Sometimes I copy famous nude paintings and them in my own cartoon style.

Artwork detail:

This is the picture called the choc river birth of Eileen and this girl standing in a huge river of changing colour chocolate. Her name is Eileen, she is very kind, fun and like's having bathes in chocolate.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jasmine Jones


When my friend Rose died I painted this picture to remember her by.

I have been doing art work for a long time. I like to make paintings about things in my life and things that I see.

The Outsiders Festival 2011 opening

Just a reminder that the opening of the Outsiders Festival 2011 is on
Wednesday, 2nd November, 1-6 PM

The West Torrens Auditorium
1, Brooker Terrace, Hilton, 5032

To be open by Hon Gerry Kandelaars MLC, representative for the Minister for Health, Hon John Hill MP.

Performance by Hot Tutti.

The Opening gala of the Outsiders Short Film Festival is on
Saturday, 5 November, 1-4PM, same location.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barbara Cannon

All my love

I live in the small rural town of Owen situated
between the Clare and Barossa valleys.
My surroundings are inspirational but my
inspirations useually come from my fleeting
thoughts and memories too.
For me painting is a consructive way of
day dreaming.
I need to create so I paint simply for the love of it!