Thursday, April 19, 2012


Remember Maracech - acrylic on paper 50 x 50 cm

Self-taught painter, I am a French artist from Bretagne established in the region of Perpignan in the south of France.
After a varied and colorful Singular Art period, since the beginning of 2012, I propose black and white artworks which mark a turning point in my artistic journey.
Indeed, I decided to bring some maturity in my artwork in order to highlight my artistic influence* and my interest in Raw Art, Outsider Art, Free Figuration and Tribal Art.
I take a great pleasure to create my new art and I’ll use, in the future, various technics and collage because doing the same things bores me. So my artistic future will reserve you a few surprises...

* Jaber, Chaibia, Picasso, Dubuffet, Basquiat, Combas, Keith Haring

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Edward A Kingsbury III

Multi-demensional artist focused on Experimental art.