Wednesday, June 23, 2010


..What everybody who has ability to think seems to be doing, is co-relating what they think they know with what are they not sure they can know?........ As we are facing 'issues' immense.... We must certain we know to speak with clarity, but what we seem to forget is that the largest issue is our unification as a humanity in living truth,...... which can only came from us all through a true vision of what we want for us all.....hold no denial..... Compassion, lovingness, Forgiveness must be embraced if we are to glimpse a portion of Wholeness. In this mighty tasks for Wholeness, as we beg to differ even within our self and our conditioned motivations, we need greater awareness......we must speak with one another, for what we really want for ourselves and our live must in truth encompasses everything, there is no such thing as independence..and this a denial of our humanness...this is what is meant by “Visionary’ and each of us holds a part. Be free to bring it forward…there is only one life we know for certain and we are living with it