Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donovan Christie

My name is Donovan Christie, I am reasonably new to the art world and I am striving to be a big part of it. In the past one to two years I have taken the time to commit myself to painting and making a living out of my art. Recently, I put on my first major exhibition through the Fringe and entered the Flagstaff Rotary Club Art Exhibition and received the Highly Commended award, this was a proud moment for me. I possess a very broad understanding and appreciation towards a diverse range of art, as you can tell in my own range of work.

My preferred medium is acrylic paints on canvas. My body of work generally consists of photographic realism pieces; whether they are portraits, streetscapes or traditional landscapes. I so frequently find myself standing still and appreciating things that people take for granted in life. This outlook makes me an avid admirer of people, architecture and urban landscapes in particular.

His work shows huge potential and maturity – with an understanding of abstract, colour and subject matter, putting me in mind of Jeffery Smart. - Penny Dowie (Judge, Flagstaff Hill Art Exhibition 2010)

My home town of Adelaide gives me my inspiration, taking suburban and rural photographs; this might be anything that appeals to me such as a bus stop, an alleyway or even a set of powerlines. I then collate a number of angles of the one subject and configure, crop and edit these images and sketch out a final draft. I then sketch and paint this to canvas as I believe a painting conveys more feeling and sentiment rather than a photograph.