Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tracey Hansell

Growing up in the Blue Mountains I have always been surrounded by beautiful works of art, so its no wonder that I live and breath art, now living in Adelaide I am never to far from an artistic indulgence. I have tried my hand at just about everything, however I am now finding that I am settling into Photography and Charcoals. Ive not had an formal training in these mediums, as I find the best way to explore your art is to discover the possibilities of your medium without knowing the restrictions. I am however currently studying a BA in Art History and Visual Arts, as my dream is to one day run my own gallery where artists who wouldn't normally have a chance to show will be able to.
My works are very autobiographical, my photos are taken close to home, or as part of a journey of discovery, they always have a personal story to them, however there meanings are never restricted as i like to hear what the end viewer draws from my work. My Charcoals are interment, I love the physical aspect of this medium and how you can be so involved in them not only in the mental development and execution but you can become physically involved with them as well.. and they make a delightful mess :)