Monday, July 18, 2011

Liz Parkinson

Woman with creepy crawlies

Liz didn't ever study art formally, and after leaving school, she became a social science teacher.

She taught for a while, and then went travelling.

Subsequently she studied silversmithing, which she taught instead, and spent a lot of time developing her unique pen and ink style. In 1977 Liz met Herbert Eckert in Sydney, and he sent examples of her artwork to Jean Dubuffet in France.

The latter then recommended that some of these should be purchased by the Collection de L'art Brut in Lausanne, Switzerland, so they purchased three pieces.

Since then, her drawings have appeared in various Outsider Art exhibitions in Australia and overseas, and are now included in several significant collections.

These days she lives near Terrigal, NSW, on the edge of a rainforest, and some of the creatures from there have a habit of finding their way into her work.