Monday, July 25, 2011

Gary Molloy

Gary Moloy at Christie's in London

My name is Gary Molloy, I’m an Artist, poet and charity worker. I was diagnosed with Bi-polar 1 disorder, which is a severe form of the illness in my mid-twenties. I use Art, as a medium for channeling crippling mood swings.

Help people through Art

Painting still-lives, landscapes and figures, my interest lies in the outline of forms and not in their intricate details. My work is insular and immediate – a characteristic which is accentuated by use of impasto and broad brush strokes.
Ten years ago, I arrived at Core Arts, a mental health charity which helps people connect with and discover their creative potential. I’d never been remotely interested in Art before, but the spark of creativity that my first visit ignited, flared into a blaze of exuberance with flame like forms and scar like brushstrokes. In recent years the glow of this period has blended with more subtle realizations of beauty in the observed object or chosen motif.
Through my art and poetry, I could finally connect with something creative. I had found my vocation and it turned into my purpose. I have rediscovered my dreams, which were shattered by 10 years of illness.
One of the first paintings I sold, in the early days at Core Arts, was titled Freedom. I slowly realized that Freedom is not escape from the Storm; its peace within the Storm. Another Painting I sold was titled Forgiveness. This began the journey of forgiving myself and others.