Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Julia Sisi


I am an animal.

A female human animal.

A female animal who paints.

And, when I paint, I want to show,

to share the deep perception of female beings.

Inspired, forced by my inner female condition,

radiating to/from other powerful women, goddesses, mythical queens…

Helping the paper, allowing it to transform itself into windows,

opening to my secluded inner world.

Always self-questioning, always finding unexpected answers.

Still in search, still growing, always beginning.

Proudly living the ME as SHE.



The first movie I saw in my life was 'Ulysses', with Kirk Douglas.

I was 5 years old, we had no television at home, I was not used to see fiction images...

and I believed all these fantastic creatures moving on the big screen,

cyclops, giants and sirens,

I believed they were real, they actually existed!

The sensation of astonishment these creatures caused on me, half marvel/half fear,

opened my eyes to a new, unlimited world of wonders.

The world was never the same to me, before I went out of the cinema.

More or less by the same time, I was shocked when an strange black machine

talked to me!

In fact, it was simply a bakelite telephone, and it was ringing...

so I put the black machine close to my ear, as my mother used to do,

and, believe me, it talked, said 'Hello' to me!

The unexpected voice coming out from a machine made me understand

that this telephone was a veritable 'Living Machine'.


Now, more than 40 years later, after 20 years of hard exile

(the same time Ulysses spent going back to Ithaca),

I found my home in the small island where I live,

surrounded by the Sea.

And now I know, and can tell you for sure, that all these fantastic creatures,

cyclops, giants, medusas, angels and devils,

sky fishes and blonde sirens, living machines and flying chairs...

they exist, all of them are TRUE!

And I paint to show, to share the wonder, to recover and bring to life

these intangible, secret worlds.


Julia Sisi was born in 1957 in Argentina,

from spanish mother and south-american aboriginal father (Guarani indians)

In the latest seventies her native country was dominated by military dictators,

and in 1980 she exiled to Spain.

In 2003 she established her home-studio in the volcanic island of El Hierro,

the smallest of the Canary Islands,

not far from Northwest Africa, in the middle of the Atlantic Sea