Friday, August 19, 2011

Esther Furber

Dreamtime eldest womens
they travel, from east to south
south to west, and they pick up
any women along the track when
they're travelling, when they get
to the biggest ceremony ground
when they start singing and-
dancing, no one can't come to late

Esther Furber, (18-05-1955-), language/tribe: Arrunda, region: Santa Teresa

Esther Furber is one of the few Aboriginal artists selling off the grass in the Todd Mall in Alice Springs.

After the money to establish the Tangentyere artists cooperative ran out, Esther, like so many others, has been left to fend for herself.

The introduction by the Alice Springs Town Council, following a complaint from a gallerist of a $205 a day permit to sell her art, Esther, like all the other artists selling off the grass, has little understanding of the permit system and is confused and resentful.

Nevertheless, her art is beautiful, profound and very decorative.