Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leon Woods

Flowering hearts
Leon Woods is an inspirational artist from Adelaide. His journey into the heart of sacred geometry – depicting the macro natural world and its spiritual energy – has been inspired by a great passion for graphic design and image reproduction. Parallel with this is his devotion to healing the planet by inspiring people to look at its beauty and their own inner world.

“We are a microcosm of the planet itself – and so having an opportunity to contemplate its fundamental geometric shapes,its building blocks, is very exciting to me,” he says.

“My intention is to create art images that help uplift the human spirt in celebration of the natural world. The images are created from small natural living objects that surround me in my garden and enviorment. Mother nature is the best and most talated artist. I believe that by placing these natural forms in our built environs, a harmonious and empowering effect can be achieved within businesses, homes, families and relationships. I invite people to explore their possibilities.”
More of Leon's work here: