Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dana Nance

Dana Nance was born in Romania in 1987 and lived in an orphanage until she came to Australia in 1995 with her adoptive parents when she was 7 ½ years of age. Even before she left Romania, when she was eventually able to hold a pen, she drew little men. She has continued to do this, covering pages of paper, inflated balloons or any other materials available.
Dana has won a number of prizes for her art work and has had a number of commissions both here and interstate. Last month, she was a joint winner of the open section of the A-Frame Exhibition (conducted by Arts Access). She has been a prize winner every year since she has been enterring this competition fur years ago. She was one of four winners in an International Competition four years ago. She had a successful exhibition of her work in 2005 at the Artistic Licence Gallery.
Dana’s artistic skills were fostered and encouraged both at school and in private lessons with Krista Hernach. Since leaving school, she has continued to study with Krista.
She has congenitally short arms with two functioning digits on her right hand and one semi-functioning digit on the left hand. These disabilities present her with some challenges in life, which she has overcome remarkably.
She is also musical and plays the panpipe and has had numerous engagements playing at elderly citizen’s homes, concerts and weddings etc.