Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MuscularTeeth - breaking patterns

MuscularTeeth was born, raised and lives in Adelaide, South Australia and wouldnt have it any other way. MuscularTeeth started out about four years ago dabbling in the field of electronic music - and quickly getting local radio play and reaching 1st in the electronica genre of JJJ unearthed. Realising that he needed to get more people hooked to his music, MuscularTeeth started to make short videos for the music he wrote so people could stare at something on the screen whilst listening. MuscularTeeth uses vintage footage from the 20's through to the 70's, often splicing dozens of seperate movies, adverts and news reels together to create something quite unique. Quickly his videos became popular on the internet, and this was his mainstay of Art for about two years. The videos either told a story by splicing footage together (see APE VS MAN SPACE WAR as an example) or relied on the footage synchonising heavily with the audio. MuscularTeeth now has 51 videos across the internet and his music has become available on itunes, napster and the like due to this. Well over 130,000 people have watched his videos - and one video NUANCE received 7000 views in a single day on one website alone. MuscularTeeth then started to dabble in photography and started to draw like he did when younger. Joining Redbubble.com his Art/Tshirt range is extensive and he has one tshirt included in the most popular of all time (as well as a tshirt listed as 'Most Wanted' on Mysoti.com). His short story "Air" has been on the front page of AustralianReader.com In 2008 MuscularTeeth was voted the most helpful member of Redbubble.com - out of, at that time, roughly 90,000 members. This was and is a huge award/honor for MuscularTeeth as it reflected on his commitment towards Art and nurturing a community spirit of comradeship with all he meets online and in real life. MuscularTeeth enjoys interaction with everyone. Indeed MuscularTeeth has collaborated with artists (making them music videos) in America, Austria, interstate Australia, and Romania and even more artists throughout the world on other small projects. MuscularTeeth works with a friend in the electronic act "SONTAGE" as a side project, and is also currently working with Tania Rose of NSW on a collaborative CD. Approximatly four years from starting, MuscularTeeth is well on the way towards a succesful career in all things Art - writing, photography, design, music and video. http://www.reverbnation.com/muscularteeth