Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The major sponsors for the Outsiders Festival - Adelaide - 1-30 November 2009 so far are: The West Torrens Council, The Parks Community Centre, Redbubble, Raw Vision Magazine and SAFM.
Organisations helping out: CAN (Community Access Network), Arts-Access and Arts-Access-SA, NEAMI, Tutti, Club 68, NAVA, the ABC, the Helpmann Academy, TAFE SA, the Fringe Festival, Downunder Hub.
Special thanks to the following people (in random order) (hope not to miss anyone): Sarah McCarthy, Steve Langdon, Brad Buchel, Renate Nisi, Ava Leitner, Peter Jungle Philips, Mike Retter, Mike Barr, Wendy Olsen, Gerhard Ritter, Mike Greenwood, Miron Abramovich, Lisa Phillip-Harbutt, Alex Bickford, Angela Polglaze, Leon Woods, Tony Moffitt, Mark Roberts, Michelle Mitolo, Paul Hoban, Nicolle Cheung, Peter Tregligas, Paul Collier, and I'm sure I've missed a few. Alzheimers...