Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outsiders Festival – Adelaide 2009 – update

1. The dates for the festival have been finalized: 1 – 30 November 2009
2. Two venues for the festival have been confirmed – The Auditorium – West Torrens City Council – and
The Elbow Gallery at the Parks Community Centre - more to be announced shortly.
3. Registrations for the festival have been re-open until the end of August: AU$ 20 for three pieces – max 100 x 100 x 5 cm (originals or prints), and/or AU$ 5 for three pieces to be projected on a screen during the festival.
4. All works must be submitted between 1 and 15 September 2009 to:
Stefan Maguran
27 Bransby Avenue
Plympton, SA, 5038
5. Redbubble, our major sponsor have kindly offered free shipment for up to three works printed by Redbubble per artist. The offer is valid for two weeks only between 1- 15 September.
6. Please advise on sell prices and remember that we charge 10% commission and works that are not retrieved by 7 December 2009 can be left in consignment with the Stefan Maguran gallery, until sold. (same commission applies).
7. If you wish your profile to be featured on the Outsiders festival blog, please send Stefan Maguran a one page profile and one small picture of one of your best pieces.
8. Any questions, please contact Stefan Maguran at stefan@maguran.com