Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jenny Georgi


My passion with art began as a ‘hobby’ whilst raising two children. It has now transformed into my journey of becoming a fulltime professional Artist.
My other passion is music and my dream is to create a magical world as an accomplished Artist/Musician combining both genres.

My artistic, creative outpouring stems from having lived a very interesting and colourful life. Born in London, raised in Devon, then immigrating to an Australian outback opal-mining town, from the lushest part of England to the dry, arid, yet amazing Australian outback. I have been spoiled by two wonderful cultures, lifestyles and weather patterns and through this love of both beautiful countries, I have travelled back and forth several times gaining insight to both their wonderful wealth of offerings.

The most honourable and rewarding unpaid role for me has undoubtedly been that of Motherhood with the uniqueness of raising two beautiful girls 20 years apart in age.

My time spent Volunteering with Riding for the Disabled, Make A Wish Foundation, Coast Fm Radio Station as an On-Air Presenter, teaching guitar/singing workshops at the Stepney Women’s Community Centre and most recently performing for patients at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre as part of their Music Matters Program, has brought me immense satisfaction and pleasure.
Delving into many art forms and never doing anything by halves, I have broken cardinal rules by trying to learn the complicated knack of watercolour painting at the same time as embarking on a journey with acrylics. I adore the fluidity that watercolour and ink bring to an artwork but feel comforted by the kindness that acrylics offer an Artist, allowing layers to be applied when a piece needs re-working and how forgiving that can be. I am very comfortable drawing in lead pencil and charcoal and have dabbled a little with pastels.

My creativity always spilled over into music. I love to sing and play acoustic guitar which I taught myself at a very young age. I am a member of The JMG Band who play regularly in Adelaide and as part of different Festivals travel further afield throughout the year. Our most recent exciting performance was at the Semaphore Musical Festival where great weather and crowds set the mood for a wonderful creative time had by all.

I have exhibited in SALA several times, in many Adelaide Galleries, Brighton Sculptures by the Sea and in a New York City Art auction raising funds for victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster.

I grew up feeling a rapport with Salvador Dali and am still moved by the mystery and intrigue of his work today. I fell in love with Brett Whitely’s nudes the moment I first laid eyes on them. Kathryn Del Barton’s work lights my fire and drives me to want to paint more often and to paint better.
Marc Chagall also holds the key to driving my artistic passion.
Gustav Klimt’s work is utterly breathtaking in my eyes as is Patricia Piccinini’s. Her most recent exhibition in the Adelaide Gallery left me speechless by its sheer beauty and magic. Frida Kahlo is a huge inspiration not only for her work but also for her courage.

However my most recent inspiration comes from my very talented partner, Renowned Junk Artist Steve Oatway and I have stepped into the magical world of metal sculpture. Receiving my unique Xmas gift of a reliable old arc welder enabled me to create and enter the Adelaide  Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures by the Sea Competition. Being part of Steve’s unique world is a privilege and seeing first hand the process involved in the making of his amazing junk art metal sculptures and dynamic paintings, as only a true Outsider Artist creates, is astonishing. I now speak and understand his language very clearly. From our very first meeting whereupon he encouraged me to let down my hair and throw paint literally all over his floor rug our union now lies written in bold paint forevermore He inspires and encourages me on a daily basis with his constant support on every possible level His Mentorship has helped me blossom in life, love, art and music and our journey continues to be a wonderful work in progress.

Ph +61 407 123 405