Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nicolle Cheung - a heart left behind

Growing up, I’ve always leaned towards the art side of school. Art has always been that little thingamabob, living in the back of my head. I’ve never been taught or trained to produce the drawings that I do and I’ve never actually thought that my drawings could be worth anything to anyone, or even be considered art. Drawing used to be just a hobby of mine, something for me to do when I had nothing else to do but I started taking my art more seriously after I finished high school; which is where I found myself being hit with the cruel reality of life. The drawings I’ve created since then, are mostly personal pieces, that are basically, just my emotions in 2D form. I find myself putting too much time and effort into one piece, that often, by the end of it all, I resent it, but then someone will come along and point something out that I’ve not noticed and it’ll make me feel otherwise. I tend to only use pencils and fine liners for my drawings but if you come across one of my coloured drawings, you’ll know they’ve been worked on especially more than the others because I personally dislike having to use colour on my drawings, I would avoid colour if I could, but sometimes it just makes that tiny bit of difference.