Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guy Cornelia

Guy Cornelia was born in Buckinghamshire in England in 1979.

Throughout his life Guy has had to contend with several complex  
medical conditions since his birth, but he has never let these stand  
in the way of his creative urge to paint.

From an early age he drew and painted in a unique style.

Guy won prizes for his art at school, in several Victor Harbor and  
Penneshaw Art Shows and has sold in SALA exhibitions and in the above  
mentioned shows. He was also in the Prospect Self Portrait Exhibition  
as a finalist in 2011. His latest exhibition titled "Famous Portraits 2012" was his first solo exhibition held at the Axis Gallery, Parks Community Centre in Adelaide November 2012.

Despite being described by some as "post-modern", Guy as never  
conformed to any recognised style of art - he is defiantly himself  
and like no other. His work is instantly recognisable as his own.

Other artists have responded to his work by buying his pictures as  
soon as they see them.

Guy's work is hung in private collections in Sydney, Shanghai,  
London, Adelaide and on Kangaroo Island.

Guy lives and works prolifically in Thebarton in a house which  
overflows with his colourful paintings.